Taken to Lunch at Work Pt. 02

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Well I was exhausted. David hustled me out of the office building with a strong arm around my waist.

"Come on," he said. "Lets get out of here for an hour at least."

He steered me across the busy road, between the beeping cars and taxis.

"Keep up," he said with a backward glance. "It's just over the road and round the corner. Somewhere a bit different. They cater for very discrete gentlemen. You'll fit right in," and he skipped along, almost at a run.

"OK, OK, I'm right behind you, and I'm starving," I replied.

With that he laughed that smug grin of his.

"Hope you're very hungry."

We had arrived at a cafe that, judging by the crowded interior, must have been well recommended. Struggling through the door we were met by a hubbub of noise and relaxed laughter.

"Quick, grab that table while I get a couple of menus," commanded David over the noise. I did as directed and settled at the only free table. It was set at the back of the room, a discrete distance from the other customers and would give us a bit of privacy should we need it. Ideal!

David came back with that smug grin, after first chatting to two hunky waiters dressed rather provocatively in tight t shirts and black lycra shorts, the front of each covered by a long apron, tightly tied around slim waists that promised firm abs and very firm bum cheeks. He held up two menu cards with food choices overprinted on photos of naked boys of all ages, some slim and smooth, others older and hairy, but all of them fit, all of them naked, and all showing big cocks in various stages of arousal.

"I can recommend the sausage," he chuckled, as he leered at the fit waiters and I took in all the "artistic" elements on display.

"Got a good flavour to it and it's quite a mouthful. Think you might enjoy it."

As he spoke he grinned and winked at me. His sexy leer was infectious and I felt my face redden as he leaned closer and whispered, "Fuck you were sexy in the office today. That was just what the boss needed. He likes to mix it up a bit and loves young, stiff cock. Bet he'll ask you to go up to his floor regular now."

As he pulled away I felt his hand rub my arm and slide down to my cock which had grown stiff and hard. He gave it a playful rub and pulled back just as a young, slim waiter that I hadn't noticed before, appeared to take our order.

"Hi. I'm Jamie. I'll be your server today. What can I get you?"

Mmmm, cute!! Blond floppy hair, full lips and the same uniform tight, black lycra shorts under a long waiter's apron pulled round his slim waist.

"Black for me if you can find one and a skinny and white for my mate (another wink) and we'd both like the sausage. How big is it? Would you recommend it? Have you tried it yourself?"

The poor waiter blushed scarlet under Dave's piercing gaze. He was only about eighteen and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Little did I realise this banter was part of the normal lunchtime routine because before I knew it the boy had leaned closer to Dave and whispered, "I'm new on this week so just getting to grips with the routine but if sir would like to step out to the toilets in five minutes I'll be happy to provide him, and his friend, with a sample. We have a tasting menu that I'm certain will not disappoint. All part of the service. We aim to please." and he winked at me.

Cute or what?

Still blushing he turned and wiggled away towards the kitchen, bum and hips swaying as he sashayed along, passing the two very butch waiters with a high five for both and squeezing his own bum cheek as he did so, then looking back with a grin and a pout as he let the swing door close.

How camp was that? Fuck, what had I signed up for??

Before I knew it he was back and placed a reserved sign on our table. Turning his back to us he walked over to the gents loo door, hung up an out of order sign. turned back to us and grinned, a big toothy grin that was accompanied by a nod of the head and yet another wink. He smiled over to the two big workmates who gave him a wide grin and a wink each.

Fuck, all these facial tics! There must be an epidemic of muscular facial disease or something.

David stood and grabbed my arm roughly. I certainly liked it when he was in a dominant mood and my mind went back to earlier today and Mr Marshall with the leather belt. My cock stiffened even more.

"Come on," he growled. "We haven't got all day."

He half dragged me across the room and pushed open the door, ignoring the hand written sign. I was so close behind him I pressed up against his bum cheeks as he came to an abrupt halt. I had to admit they felt good. Firm and inviting and I ran my hands over their roundness as he playfully slapped me away and half whispered, "Jamie, where are you?"

A muffled moan came from the furthest cubicle and we pushed open the door to see Jamie, the young waiter, sucking on the hard cock of a big black guy, obviously a chef from his white outfit.

He looked up and grinned. I fully expected him to wink at us. It seemed to be the expected mode of encouragement but instead he released his grip on Jamie's long, blond hair and pulled open his own jacket, showing a fit chest with big pecs and large pierced nipples. I licked my lips in anticipation.

"You like what you see man?" he moaned, and I certainly did.

I nodded my head, never losing eye contact. Fuck this was hot and despite my earlier action I desperately wanted to join in.

"Hey Pete," said Dave. "Didn't know you were still here or I'd have ordered the special".

"It's what I'm having man," Pete the chef replied. "Enough for two here. Come and join me. But hurry up man, we gotta get back to work asap."

Dave slipped next to Pete and opened his tight trousers, pulling on his cock and lifting it out of his briefs. Jamie immediately swapped his focus and took the new cock in his mouth, right to the back of his throat. I was riveted on what he had abandoned. Pete's cock was huge and standing to attention, black, hard and glistening with saliva. Man, how had he managed to take all of that with such apparent ease? As if he read my mind he switched back to the big, black monster, at the same time grasping firmly on Dave's ample dick and tugging it fiercely.

I squeezed past this action as I pulled my engorged and hardened cock out of my sexy black briefs. I slipped round behind Jamie and rubbed up and down his arse crack as I did so. Gosh that was inviting!

"Give it to me man. Hard n fast! Come on!" He spoke with his mouth half round Dave's cock and he sounded irritated that nothing was up his bum, so I did what any concerned lad would do and stuffed him full.

He let out a gasp and pushed back so his bum gripped my cock as it slid in, up to the balls in one slick move. He'd obviously lubed up earlier and I enjoyed the suction and slide of his tight cunt as I moved inside him.

"Mm, yes man," he moaned as I picked up the pace. My pistoning was forcing him forward at every thrust and buck. I could tell he was enjoying the ride. Grunts, groans and slurps came from his full mouth in quick succession.

"Oh, mngh, man, oh yeh, mmn, fuck me, fuuph mm." Yes he was certainly into it and for a youngster had a good technique that was sure to get us all off really soon. I wondered how often he got to indulge in this way. Perhaps the two studly waiters rehearsed with him when the cafe was quiet.

As I was thinking this I felt my balls clench and that lovely, toe curling sensation creep upwards. Dave let out a moan and holding firmly to the head full of blond curls, bucked his hips hard, ignoring the muffled groans and gags coming from Jamie's throat.

At that moment Pete leaned towards me, mouth open and tongue flicking. Our lips met in a gum grinding snog that literally took my breath away.

"Fuck man. That tastes so good," Pete gasped. "Wanna do you again, soon. You free after work?" and with that he came over Jamie's thick hair.

That was enough to get me off and I pumped my cum deep into the tight , firm arse I had been enjoying. I let out a long , loud moan as I released my jizz deep into that lovely hot hole.

"Fuck, that was good."

Dave and I agreed that it had been the best lunch-time fuck ever, and as we washed up and brushed ourselves down, we exchanged numbers and contact details with the other two guys. Dave looked at me and there was that grin again.

"They certainly provide a good service here," he said. "Hope you enjoy the next part."

I wasn't sure what he meant but when we had tidied up we stepped out of the loo to the sound of rapturous applause. I hadn't realised that every word and sound had been heard by all the customers in the cafe. There was a sound amp system set up that relayed whatever the waiters wanted heard. It was a "speciality" of the house.

Fuck did I blush when I caught on. But no worries. The customers all got to their feet, clapping and whistling and they slapped us enthusiastically on our backs (and bums) as we slunk embarrassed, back to our seats. At least I was embarrassed. Jamie went round the tables collecting tips and snogged and high-fived his two work colleagues. David insisted on taking a bow and offering autographs to all and sundry. It was then I noticed that all the customers were hunky men, in a variety of ages and types, but all clearly enjoyed a good taste for sausage. They all sported big, noticeable bulges in their suit trousers or jeans, whatever, and i could tell that most of them were hung. I'd certainly be back for more, and I caught the eye of both hunky waiters who grinned approvingly, and blew air kisses at me and ---

yes, I winked, couldn't resist it.












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